About Us

Zara Plumbing Corp was established by Timothy Vidaich, who has been in the plumbing industry for over 20 years.

Tim graduated with a degree in finance and pursued his career as a financial analyst at CITIbank. After 3 years of working there, he decided to take interest in the family business and to learn more about the trade of plumbing. Tim learned a lot from his dad, Mladen. He was inspired by his father’s success and skills, as well as the multi-faceted nature of the industry. This is when Tim decided to continue his family legacy. Tim was attracted to diversity of the industry offers, continuous problem solving, and interaction with people. Since the beginning, Zara Plumbing has grown tremendously, and it still continues to develop and expand. The success that Timothy reached can be seen through his hard work, compassion for people, and unique ability to take care of everyone who works with him. Every project that he and his team have worked on was impeccably completed. He always excels in everything he does and that is one of the reasons that makes him so successful and one the best plumber and CEO. Every day is a new learning experience for him, and he’s never afraid of taking new responsibilities and challenges that might come along the way.

The company’s name is very meaningful and it goes back to a family history, which is very important to Tim. Tim’s family origins are from Croatia, where his family comes from. The name Zara comes from the ancient name of the city Zadar where Mladen Vidaich, Tim’s father, was born. When the city of Zadar was the capital of Eastern Roman Empire it was called Zara; this is where name of the company was inspired from.

Today, Zara Plumbing is well-established plumbing company in NYC. We worked on projects with well-recognized construction companies in New York City area such as; P.A. Builders, Empire Core group and well-known brands and chain stores such as; We Work, Joe&The Juice, Proper Food, Le Labo Perfumery, NY K!ds Club and many other. Every day our team works very hard under strict supervision of Timothy Vidaich to provide the best experience, highest quality and exemplary plumbing services.

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